Life of Pi

Yo! Name's Sanjay, but you can call me Shaan if you prefer! Not a specific blog, just a jumble of things I like and find interesting. Feel free to ask any questions about anything, I don't bite!

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hannibal buress

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The perfect amount of ass.

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there are weeaboos and there are Weeaboos if you call someone a weeaboo and they say “ye” they’re a weeaboo but if you call someone a weeaboo and they say “uh no that word is offensive im an otaku” theyre a Weeaboo u feel me

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Holy shit is that Greg?!?!




i keep getting random erections today and idk why

I guess you could say it’s been a hard day.


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there is a difference between people who are smart and people who get good grades

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